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Sunday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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48 Outlier Way, Bozeman, MT

We'd love to hear any comments, questions, or ideas of how you'd like to work with us!

the artery collective llc

Featured work of the week by Bergen Milam

"Tired, Poor & Huddled is designed to create a conversation about the refugee crisis in the world.  The work itself shows a sea of faceless people flowing towards the viewer; like the plethora of images we see in the media daily but stripped of the individual characteristics often used to conjure up emotions in the audience.  With a title that references the Statue of Liberty and colors that can be found in the flags of some of the most war-torn countries (Sudan, Syria, Palestine, etc..) this painting asks the viewer to consider the relationship between refugees fleeing their home counties and those who are living in more stable nations."

                   - Bergen Milam 

Tired, Poor & Huddled

60”x 48”

Acrylic on canvas