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Studio available: 
Sunday - Thursday  10am-5pm
Gallery open: Sunday - Tuesday 5pm-8pm
48 Outlier Way, Bozeman, MT

We'd love to hear any comments, questions, or ideas of how you'd like to work with us!

the artery collective llc

the artery collective

is a fine art gallery, multimedia creative studio, and workshop platform dedicated to helping individuals develop their innate creative ability

        The Artery Collective was founded by a group of people who believe every person has a unique creative process, and opportunity for creative growth  does not require prior experience or formal education. Our goal is  to build a collective of people who apply the same creative processes used to develop artistic work, to work beyond the canvas. We aim to demonstrate that all humans have more similarities than differences, regardless of origin, history, or approach.

        The opportunity for creative expansion lies within all aspects of our lives: The ways we treat ourselves, 

how we interact and converse with others, how we treat our planet, and the methods used to help the world’s problems. Each person on this planet deserves true kindness and love. 


What is creativity?

        Creativity is our ability to be intentional and imaginative, our ability to apply ourselves in this world in an original way. It is the unique inner genius that every person is. Creativity is presence, involvement, persistence, and engagement; it is frequently perceived as a quality limited to people designated as “artists” in our society. The Artery Collective recognizes that we are all artists, and that true creativity breaks down barriers, and may be a practice applied to every single thing we do in our lives.


Our colors:

        The primary colors represent the foundation of creation. From the three primary colors, all other hues and shades may be brought to life. This symbolizes the human dynamic; we are fundamentally constructed of the same few building blocks, with the same desires and fears. When brought together, these building blocks create an infinite spectrum of personality, 

expression, and harmony.