Terms and Agreements – Artwork Submission


The Artery Collective has an ethical and artistic responsibility to protect and support your work as an artist.

No work will be displayed or distributed until an Artist Exhibition Contract Agreement is reached . 

If your work is accepted, The Artery Collective is dedicated to:

  • Creating a unique artist exhibition contract agreement for your artistic vision

  • Certifying authenticity and documenting any trade of hands for the life of your work.


Security: The Artery Collective will not complete any actions that may conflict with the Artist Exhibition Contract Agreement. This agreement is in place to ensure the protection of The Artery Collective and you, the artist, both artistically and financially. Furthermore, we will ensure a comprehensive cataloguing procedure to ensure the security and authenticity of your artwork.

No work will be displayed or distributed until after an Artist Exhibition Contract Agreement is completed. 









*This Terms and Agreements is subject to change and updates – We, The Artery Collective, hold the right to update this as any time.

**Updated as of 1/18/2019