The Artery Collective is an underground music venue and collaborative center for music production, art, dance, and culture.  The scene primarily revolves around old school, boom bap hip hop, and the musical and social movements from which the sacred art was birthed. Our mission is to create pure musical experiences, for and with those who show up. There's no frill, no extras, no ulterior motives, just music for the love and soul of music.

During the spring and summer of 2022, we will be hosting a series of Live Cypher events. Producers, rappers, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, painters, etc are all free to collaborate during select evenings where the goal is not consumption, but creation. Don't worry, we will have plenty of dance nights and shows if that's not your thing, but we are heading the ship in a new direction. More will be revealed as we work out the details!

Photos and Videos

Photography and videography are encouraged unless specified by artist. Don't rip anyone off.